FireTree B&B in Monument Valley

Other information to help you make the
most of your stay in Monument Valley

How close is FireTree to Monument Valley?

FireTree is about 17 miles from the edge of Monument Valley Park. However, the entire area is considered Momument Valley. Here are some mileages from FireTree to other destinations.

How far is it to......?

Here are some mileages to other places in the Grand Circle.

Is the restroom shared?

The restroom may be shared. Here is a page about Firetree's restrooms. Sometimes, you will be using a different restroom.

Are horseback rides available?

Horseback rides are available at John Ford's Point inside Monument Valley Park. You do not need a reservation there. Horseback rides are also available from other tour operators in the area.

Are there cooking facilities at FireTree?

FireTree has a picnic area with charcoal grills a few hundred feet from your room, but no other cooking facilities. BRING YOUR OWN charcoal and lighter fluid. Grills may be shared. There are no other cooking facilities at FireTree, so we urge you to have dinner before you arrive. Meals are available at Goulding's restaurant, at The View Hotel in Monument Valley Park, in Kayenta Arizona (30mi, 48km), and in Mexican Hat Utah (30mi, 48km). The Swinging Steak in Mexican Hat has excellent steaks, but does not have much other food. You can find food for a picnic at Goulding's grocery (a small grocery store but much larger than what you find at a gas station), or at Basha's in Kayenta to the South and in Blanding to the North (85mi, 136km).

What kind of vehicle should I take to FireTree?

You can come in an ordinary car. Even if you come after dark you will have no trouble finding us if you print a map. Do not take an alternate route. The road may be sandy. Don't slow down or stop. Keep going at a normal speed. As long as you keep going, small cars are OK.

What time is it at FireTree?

We are on Mountain Standard Time (MST), and we change to Daylight Savings Time. We are the same time as Utah. Arizona is an hour earlier, except when you are on the Navajo Reservation. When you are on the Navajo Reservation, you are on MST.

Do you have wifi?

We are happy for you to use the wifi, but we ask you not to download large files. Also, since it is satellite internet, it may be slow or it may not work.

Do you give tours?

FireTree does not offer tours.

I have a spayed/neutered hairless hypoallergenic toilet-trained declawed pet with no voice and it will never leave the car. Can I bring it to FireTree?

We're sorry, but no.

Are there hot showers?

Yes there are hot showers. Restrooms are shared.

Are towels provided?

Yes, towels are provided.

Is potable water available?

Yes, potable water is available.

Can I bring extra people?

If you have more than 3 people in your group, please ask us whether there is enough room on the night you want to camp. The camp sites are 20 feet square.

Is breakfast provided?

Breakfast is not provided for campers.

Is there electricity?

There is an extension cord sufficient for lights, and we are happy to provide a place to charge devices such as phones. There is not enough electricity for hot plates and other power-hungry devices.

WARNING: Don't connect sensitive equipment to the extension cord.

Can I park beside the campsite?

The tent sites are about 40 feet from the nearest parking space, and possibly as much as 150 feet from where you will be asked to park for the night.

How far do I have to walk?

FireTree is designed for walking. In order to preserve the peace, serenity, and beauty of FireTree, we do not allow cars everywhere. Depending on where you are staying, you may have to walk from the parking area. Distances vary between about 5 and 50 meters.

May I make a camp fire?

You can have a fire near the grill area, about 100 feet from your camp site. There is a grill area near the cliff with charcoal grills. Fires are allowed all year, even when other areas have fire warnings.

Is it windy?

It can be windy when there are storms in the area.

Is it dusty?

Yes, it can be dusty. It usually is not windy enough to have a lot of dust.

What if it rains?

You might get wet.