FireTree B&B in Monument Valley

You will sleep comfortably in
Your Hogan

Hogans are the traditional dwelling of the Navajo (Diné) people. FireTree hogans are built in the traditional Navajo way (see pictures of one of our hogans being built).

Our hogans are made of fragrant juniper and ponderosa logs, with central skylights and stone floors or the more traditional earth-packed floors.

Every effort has been made to enhance your pleasure. The hogans have evaporative coolers and comfortable beds, and the clean, modern bathroom is just a few steps from the Hogan door.

Outside your Hogan You can sit and sip a drink in the pure clean air, read a favorite book, have a picnic, or simply gaze at the scenery.

Perfect for:
  • a honeymoon
  • a serene retreat
  • a time to relax and refresh
FireTree hogan
FireTree hogan pictures

Each group that books will have a private hogan: the hogans are not shared with other groups.

Stars outside a FireTree hogan

Stars outside the hogan door. The "cloud" is the Milky Way Galaxy. Click for larger image
Normally the nights are clear, and the sky presents a stunning panorama of brilliant stars or moonlight bright enough to read by.

If you are lucky, you might hear the thrilling drumbeats and chanting of Navajo voices from the ceremonial grounds across the valley.

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FireTree B&B in Monument Valley